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    Petzl Ice Screw Sharpener? (link)

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    So has any body used this sharpener? If so, does it work only with Petzl ice screws? Will it work with BD and Grivel ice screws (the two types of screws I use)?

    I would appreciate any feed back. It would definitely make it easier than shipping ice screws to somebody else to sharpen them.
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    Hey Guys,

    Yeah. The sharpener works with BD and Grivel screws as well. It will reshape them to the angle of Petzl's new screws but I find that it doesn't actually remove too much material from the screw. I've used one a bunch already. The sharpener works great and you can easily replace the file as well. Such a simple design. It's amazing no one has created this already!

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    Thanks for the response. I found your comment that the Petzl sharpener will reshape BD and Grivel ice screws interesting. Without seeing how it would reshape them to a Petzl ice screw, I would have some concerns. I have never placed a Petzl ice screw so I do not know if that is good or bad. What is your experience? After sharpening the BD and Grivel ice screws, did they go in the same as when they were new?

    Overall, I like both the BD and Grivel screws. The Grivel Helix goes in faster than a BD and is easier to place, do to the way the crank is attached to the hanger and your ability to hold it better. Also the BD tend to dull faster. I believe that relates to the type of metal Grivel uses for their ice screws. Not as soft as the BD.

    Anyway, thanks for your input.

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    Just got one of these. I have to say it works amazing, simple and efficient! I have Patzl, BD and Grivel screws and they all work good with it! Also gives a good wrist work out! haha


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    Bit of a thread hijack first...

    For what it's worth, of the BD, Grivel and Petzl screws, the Petzls are by far the best starting of the bunch. When they introduced the Petzl Laser Sonic a few years ago they ramped the teeth more aggressively and increased the throat depth. BD followed suit somewhat when they brought the new Express screws to market.

    The thing about the Laser Sonic screws was the hanger design; it was the model with the spinning hanger. Benefits of which, was to allow you to clip the screw just after starting it and still be able to turn it, also allowed the second to clean the screw without unclipping it.

    I picked up one to try out and ,while it started like a champ, the hanger design made it a pain to grab and turn, and it didn't rack well at all. The new Petzl Lazer Speed screws solve all those issues...absolutely awesome starting (1/4 turn in my experience) and the hanger and crank design, in my opinion, beats BD's.

    Back to the original thread...

    It's astounding that someone else didn't come to market with something similar to the Lim'Ice before. It works well, but will take longer to sharpen a BD or Grivel screw as it has to essentially reshape the tooth to the Petzl profile. I'll still use a vice, jig and high quality Grobet files to sharpen screws at home, but the Lim'Ice is great for road trips.

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    Hey Iceclimber,

    Thanks for the information! I will probably buy the Petzl ice screw sharpener and try it on some of my old BD ice screws to see how it works. I read somewhere, and I can't remember where, that Lim'ice does change the teeth on non-Petzl screws. I also heard that on the non-petzl screws, such as BD and Grivel, it leaves a burr on the teeth that needs to be filed off. Is that your experience also?

    Thanks also for the information on the new Lazer Speed ice screws. I'm in the market for a couple of new 16's so I probably will buy one to see if I like the way they place. I have never placed the old Laser Sonic, but friends have made similar comments to your comments that they are not that easy to hold. One reason I like the Grivel Helix is that they are easier to hold than the BD due to the hanger and crank being one piece, which is great on steep ice when you are really pumped.

    Again, thanks for the information.


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    I've heard/read the same regarding the burrs on non-Petzl screws. I didn't play around with either a stock BD or Grivel screw and the Lim'Ice to notice any burring.

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    What about screws where the ends have boogered up a bit? Kind of bent in a little . Would this work or get them done professionally?

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    If your ice screws are really beat up from hitting rock on thin ice, or they are just old and dull from too many placements, etc., I would have someone that knows what they are doing sharpen them. I will probably buy the Petzl Sharpener at some point and see how it works on my old BD screws that I do not use anymore. Since it is a new product, the jury is still out on how good it actually works on non-Petzl ice screws.

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