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    Rock and ice climbing at letchworth state park rock ventures thursday 7:00 pm

    Reprinted from an email....

    Dear Folks:

    We are the local chapter of the Access Fund. We are working on obtaining land
    in a conservation trust to preserve the environment and rock climb on it.

    We are in the process of opening up Thatcher State Park. The master plan is due
    momentarily and we would like to get a committee started to open up Letchworth.

    I do not have to tell you all what is at Letchworth. It has the first, last and best
    ice in upstate new york. Many of the routes are accessible and of of moderate
    difficulty and therefore will bel popular.

    The rock climbing is less attractive but merits investigation and consideration.

    We are holding a meeting at Rock Ventures in Rochester, 1044 Universtiy Ave, Rochester, N.Y. at
    7:00 pm to discuss the matter.

    Woody Carroll 1-315-474-5356
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