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Thread: Feb Outlook

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    Waiting 4 Conditions 2 Improve

    Feb Outlook

    from the Smackuweather website:

    So could this pattern persist all winter? Sure, it could. However, something will happen later next week that could be a sign that February will turn out much different than December and January. Look for a major storm coming out of the South later next week followed by an immediate shift to much colder conditions.

    Will that last? I can't say, but I have a hunch that there will be a lot more fun and games in February than there has been over the past eight or nine weeks.

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    Let's hope we climb ice until April!!

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    Well, anything will be more fun and games than the summer we are enjoying here in the sunny South...

    I really hope, for my own sanity, that you're right, Crag.

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