Sorry to say that this guidebook is once again being delayed due to the discovery of many new routes in the Batchawana area. If you are interested in ice climbing in the area and are in search of route information, contact me at [email protected] I will be happy to assist you in finding climbs for your level.

The current "Agawa Canyon Ice Climbing Map" guide is still available through Climbing Central.

Please be aware that plagiarized photo copies of my 2006 guide books to Montreal River, Cerro De Hielo and Mile 38 Road are still being circulated without my permission or consent. Seems the person(s) behind this gets some ice satisfaction.

I hope those who have purchased my original guidebooks are utilizing them and enjoying the climbs they portray. Thanks for respecting the dedication, time, effort and money put into the development of the ice climbs. This includes clearing and marking trails, setting up anchors, slings, drilling of bolts, mapping etc. Money collected from the purchase of a guidebook assists in trail marking, slings for anchors and further route exploration

February 2011 celebrates my 30th year of discovering and developing climbs. My passion for the sport and years of teaching have brought me much satisfaction and enjoyment. I hope many others have and will enjoy these climbs as well.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported my efforts and shared in developing the ice climbing sites in this area since 2000.

Route development in the area is continuing this winter of 2011