Things are pretty good here.

Cascade Pass- Most routes in. Quarry, Sister's, Pitchoff left/right, Buster, Bowser, Three Flows, A couple lines in the Jaws area are good.

Pitchoff North- Fat

Chapel Pond- Crystal Ice Tower, Chouinard's ,Chouinard's right, Power Play(ramp), Seldom Scene all good. The canyon is good.

Roaring Brook- Not back in yet.

Poko- PT, Goat's Foot and the Waterfall are in good shape. Neurosis is there, but might be detached.(unknown) The upper tiers have good ice. Poko is still growing, and stands to get better.

These are only the routes observed, there's ice everywhere, so check out some of the more obscure areas in the guide book as the week end approaches.