Sorry but I am the uber slow leader that was first up the Black Dyke on Easter Sunday that had no idea where the "rock traverse" might be under the six inches of snow and got stuck in the left corner for eternity and then while switching gear from the left side to the right side while leading the third pitch (because my left hand screwing sucks) I lamely dropped a screw that proceeded to bounce out of my belayer's outstretched left hand. "You could have taken me off belay to catch the screw!" I told him afterwards.
Anyway, if you found it and claimed it as booty and reward for waiting for my slow a$$ ... I can't really blame you. If, however, you are reading this now and understand for how many years I will hear it over and over again from my belayer about what a lame leader I am for dropping a screw (this is the only piece of gear we have ever lost) and take pity on me then please send me a PM and I will do my best to provide you with the beer of your fancy in return.
aka Anonymous (not the hackers but from the darkside)