My husband and I sought out some rock on Friday due to the warm weather and sunshine. Barrett's Cove was by far the wettest that I have ever seen it!! There was still some thick, blue ice hanging on the climb Arizona Highway. Everything else was gone, and there were small waterfalls running off everywhere, even Charlotte's was soaked!! The only dry rock we found was Floral Morals and Old Stud. By the end of the day, something was seeping above, and a little trickle of water ran down over Old Stud. By ten minutes, the whole cliff was soaked, and there wasn't any dry rock to find!! At the same time, we had been hearing and seeing ice crashing down all day, but nothing near us. Well, while we were packing up, a piece of ice the size of a small car broke off of Arizona Highway, and was headed right for us!! Luckily, my husband and I were able to get out of the way in time!!! Our stuff was littered with ice chunks, so thank God we were able to get out of the way in time!!