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    I agree with the folks who said go with mountaineering boots. I have the Sportiva Cubes and they are fantastic on walks as well as water ice.
    I would take a look at one of the axes out there with a pinkie pommel - the Petzl Sum'tec or the new CAMP/CASSIN X-Lights. They have simple adjustable pommels that will make the short ice bulges you tend to find in WI2 slides much more comfortable. I did shoestring gully yesterday and my guide used one BD venom the whole way. It worked, but when we talked about it he suggested the Sum'tecs would be even better for the job.
    I think one X-Light would be perfect for what you want to do. A pair would be even more versatile in application.

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    Janet Doss
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    I think yes we need both of them to stay out of trouble while we are on mountaineering.

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