View Full Version : Franconia/ Rumney 12/07

12-08-2013, 10:48 AM
Echo Crag had some climbable stuff; some of the mixed lines down near Skeletal were climbable and the 3 at the far corner of the Grunge Wall (Alpine Grunge, maybe?) took 10s and 13s the whole way up. The Amphitheater looked to be building nicely, but not quite ready for climbing. No snow on the approach nor anywhere in the Notch.

Cannon looked dry for the most part. From the road, the Black Dike looked thin but in. The rock traverse looks long right now. No snow on the talus. All the flows coming off Lafayette and Franconia Ridge looked big and fat. They'd be fun if it weren't for the hellish approaches with no snow.

Rumney was bone dry. Nothing even beginning to form there yet. We also drove by Lake Willoughby which looked manky and sun-baked. I'd give those climbs another week of cold before getting too committed.