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12-30-2012, 07:19 AM
Saturday, 12/29/12

First of all there is quite a bit of snow in the mountains. The trail conditions for Huntington are excellent for both skinning up or hoofing. Once on the Huntington fire road the snow cat/ skidoo packed ends when the road gets steeper. From there it's a single hoof trough. Once on the fan proper the footing is a combo of good, wind pack with some soft pockets.

As for the climbs, I did Odells Right, which had the most ice. Above the ice the snow was wind packed deliciousness all the way to Pinnacle's top. From there I traversed slightly down and back into Odells regular finish. Down climbing this was excellent. The new snow had slid, leaving a wind packed surface.

Pinnacle is smaller than normal but looked fun. When I was on top of the buttress, looking down the route, there was a cool looking wind sculpted section of snow guarding the top-out.
All the other routes looked to be mostly snow climbs. I'm sure the snow was both good, wind pack to powder deepness.

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Yesterday's weather was calm and overcast. By 10am the snow started to fall at a good rate. The wind ramped up in the night and conditions above tree line are going to be savage for the next few days.

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