View Full Version : 12/29 - Mt. Willard - Cinema Gully to Cauliflower

12-29-2012, 06:43 PM
It was a busy day up on Mt Willard today. The parking area at the top of Crawford Notch was full and cars parked along the west side of 302 pretty much all the way back to the AMC buildings.

My partner for the day woke up sick, so I decided to scamper up something easy. I'd never been on Cinema Gully before, so I figured it was worth a look. When I arrived at about 10am at the base of the gully, there were two roped parties on the route and two other parties waiting to get on. Both of the parties on the route were staying on the right edge of the ice, so I soloed up well to the left side - far enough out of the way so I knew if I knocked any ice down it wouldn't hit anyone. (The ice was plastic and I didn't knock anything down.)

Since I've never climbed it before, I'm not sure how to compare it to other conditions. It was plenty thick to climb up and there were places that would have taken screws well.

Here's the view looking up from the railroad tracks:

Once in the trees, I continued up and left, breaking trail through deep snow. Eventually I made it over to Cauliflower Gully, which was in pretty thick and was great fun. From the top of Cinema, it's a LONG way over to the left to get to Cauliflower. But if you're up for a lot of slogging to get to it, I highly recommend checking out Cauliflower Gully.

Here's the view looking up at it:

And here's the view looking down from the top of the difficulties:

From the top of the ice, there's a magnificent view out over Crawford Notch. I could see a lot folks over on Willey's Slide in the distance:

Traversing to the right along the top of the buttress led straight to the end of the trail and a stream of hikers who were walking up from 302. Needless to say, the trail down was well packed.

01-01-2013, 09:49 PM
Did this on Monday with a friend. We soloed Cinema to the top, then did a random short flow above the left side finish to Cinema that was thin and a bit sketchy (topout was hooking snow covered rock), then waded through deep blower pow to Cauliflower Gully and finished up to the top there. The leftward running flow was good, but wouldn't take any good screws at the crux (which was thinnish ice over rock and or hollow delaminated ice). A real fun, long adventure on a perfect, snowy winter day.