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12-02-2009, 07:42 AM
So I had the day off yesterday and thought I might drive around to some of the cliffs and check the ice status... most of this won't be surprising but we're all jonesin'

<span style="font-weight: bold">Newfound</span> - Blank wet rock

<span style="font-weight: bold">Rumney</span> - Blank wet rock with icicles

<span style="font-weight: bold">Kinsman Notch</span> - The big main climbs (Leprechaun, etc) had some decent icicles and there was at least a foot of snow on the ground. The road side attractions up the road on the right were coming right in, but still beyond thin. If it stays cold I could see some top roping being done there.

<span style="font-weight: bold">Echo Lake</span> - about the same as Kinsman Notch. Not quite cold enough yet and too south facing for this early in the season.
<span style="font-weight: bold">
Black Dike</span> - Coming in fast. The lower pitch is definitely in, the middle and top pitches are however a bit thin. Prolly more rock pro and a few stubbies... Forecast for the notch is calling for rain tomorrow night and than nothing warmer than 28 for the 5 days after. Things should shape us nice within the next few.

http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php...nit=0&amp;lg=en (http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=44.15856343854312&amp;lon=-71.68991088867188&amp;site=gyx&amp;smap=1&amp;marine=0&amp;unit=0&amp; lg=en)

12-02-2009, 08:10 AM
Good work!

Jonesin' in right...

12-02-2009, 08:14 AM
*is right.