View Full Version : Rumney 4/2/15

04-03-2015, 08:30 AM
My husband and I decided to ditch the mountaineering boots and crampons yesterday and put on our rock shoes at Rumney. The day was pretty warm in the 40's, but the rock was a little chilly to touch. Ice was falling off the parking lot wall all day long, and was very baked. I wouldn't want to climb the ice there, but for some people, they may try. There was definitely still some ice to be found, but very baked, and melting quickly, so I would say it's time for your rock shoes at Rumney.
We climbed at the Parking lot wall, and a few of the climbs there were dry (Rise and Shine; Glory Jeans; Easily Amused...Egg McMeadows had a pillar of ice covering it).
The approach up and down to the rock climbs is covered with ice, so be VERY careful!!!