View Full Version : Mini Ravine ampitheater - Oliverian Notch

04-01-2015, 04:22 PM
Anybody climbed there? I live right nearby, and figured it might be the only low altitude ice left after this week's warm weather. The MP page for it isn't that detailed, so if anyone has some beta that would be great! If not, I will come back with some, as I will be heading over there sometime in the next week or so.

04-09-2015, 09:22 PM
Well, since no one responded, and I went there this morning, I will give a trip report:
A lot of work, for a little pay-off.
We started onto the AT in Glencliff at 7:05AM. The trail was well packed and easy going. 2.3 miles brought us to Wachipauka lake - the hike is a bit up and down, more than I wanted, but not terrible. A direct trail would be appreciated, but doesn't exist. Once at the western edge of the lake where there is a rope swing, (1 hour in) we could not yet see the ice, but knew it was off the southeastern corner of the lake, so we started the long miserable bushwack. This took us left off the AT along the shore about 2/3rds of the way eastward, when it became clear where the ravine was, to the south. At this point we took what seemed like the most direct path up to the ravine. This all turned out to be a miserable post-holing slog up about 400' over around a half a mile from the rope swing spot. All in all it took a bit over an hour to reach the ravine which lies in the obvious cleft on the northern slopes of Mt. Mist - visible in the image below. We got to the ravine at 9:17AM.
The ice was, thankfully, in and in great shape. See video below.
We didn't have much time, so we only did one route on the left which was about 30meters of an easy WI3. The walk off is quick and easy down the right side.
Descent was much more fun because you can butt slide almost the entire way down the gully to the lake altitude, then slog back over to the shore and eventually the AT. This took a brisk 25 minutes, and was a welcome change.
We hit the cars just under 5 hours after the start, at 11:55AM or so. We both agreed never to do this again!
All in all, even if the trail was booted from the break with the AT to the amphitheater, this would still be way too much effort to get to. The climbing isn't bad, and if it were even just an hour in to it I would be excited about it (I live 5 minutes from the trailhead), but ci. 3 miles + over 1000' gain + post-holing for >.5 miles = shitty. 1396