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03-11-2015, 03:50 PM
Looking for Huntington Ravine conditions, more specifically Pinnacle Gully. I've been checking the Avalanche Advisory the past few days thinking about going up there this weekend. As of today Huntington Ravine has low avalanche danger, but it looks like were going to see low temperatures tomorrow (3/12), high winds, and snow the next few days as well. Worried about wind slabs forming.

Can anyone comment on ice conditions and possibly give me more insight into how the snowpack stability might pan out?

03-11-2015, 06:17 PM
I'm thinking about going up to the area, but the new snow, winds, and temps i think will keep me from making a long trip out there. ice I'm sure is probably good, but the avalanche danger would concern me. if you're closer you could easily get into the fan and assess conditions there on the approach, the harvard cabin caretakers will also have really good information. if you go, just be prepared to bail out. even with the bulletin posted, you should still asses your own conditions and be prepared to turn around.

their recent warm temps with sun will have created a freeze/thaw top layer, with new snow falling it would depend on the temps and trend of the air which was present when the snow fell as to how well it bonded (warm->cold is generally more favorable for the new snow bonding well). also, if there was a lot of wind the snow could be heavily transported into local pockets of wind slab, making spacial instability more of a concern. i don't know of any weak or persistent weak layers, but the caretakers would have better knowledge of that. ultimately you would need to assess conditions you encounter and determine your comfort with what you find and the consequences.

03-25-2015, 10:54 PM
Just went today...here's what I saw:

-South looks fine from far
-Odells is bigger and longer than i've seen it... right side seems easier
-Pinnacle has pure ice most of the way up...looks spectacular if you can get it.
-central looks good
-diagonal is fine, 2 guys skied it right in front of me...very cool.
-yale looks good
-damnation looks good
-north looks good.

Hopefully the rain won't get to them yet.