View Full Version : 1/11/15 - Cinema Gully conditions

01-13-2015, 01:03 PM
For those interested here are conditions of Cinema this past sunday. Obviously we found thin ice. First pitch took zero screws and a lot of it was paper thin. Got one hex in midway up on the right side of the cleft. Above this it was mostly all snow. Tiny bit of ice that took a hitched off 10CM then the anchor below the first actual ice bulge. Not a lot of ice below the first bulge for an anchor.. again two hitched off 10CM screws.

climbing off the anchor was really thin delicate ice. No pro until about 20-25 feet up and yet again another hitched off 10CM was the best I could get. about 15 feet above I got in two more hitched off screws. Then nothing up to the next belay, for which I used a small tree.

The final pitch was again super thin to start....another hitched off 10CM....But the ice thickened up and the final 25 meters took full 13 and 16cm screws. Ice was really good up there.

We walked over to lower hitchcock and rapped. For your info the east face slabs were in great shape and upper hitchcock looked great too. Lower hitchcock was horribly bare except the first short section of ice.

Have fun and be safe.