View Full Version : Pinnacle Gully 12/20/14

12-21-2014, 03:13 PM
Went up originally planning to climb Odell's but there were two parties getting on both the left and the right side. My partner and I made our way around to pinnacle which appeared to be in good shape.
P1--I placed 16cm/13cm screws the entire way up to the next belay. It appeared thinner on the right side so I stayed left which in it's current state is probably WI3 and fairly thick
P2--This pitch was incredibly hallow with lots of running water underneath. A few bulges for 10/13cm screws
Top out-We were weary of wind slabs going in to pinnacle due to the advisory and weather from the week. There was definitely a fair amount of snow by the top of the gully and the buttress. We navigated right at the top out and avoided this area.

I snapped photos of the other gullies: Odell's looked nice and the parties that climbed it said there were no problems with the ice.

central/yale/damnation/north didn't appear to have a lot if any ice, lots of snow.