View Full Version : Cannon, 12/12/14

12-12-2014, 09:16 PM
Was up at Cannon today. Black Dike and Fafnir are both in very good shape. Hassigs looks hard. Not too much else to report about. It's looking pretty dry up there for the most part. If you're up there this weekend and plan on climbing anything mixed use caution with rock gear - the rain this week has iced up many of the cracks, making protection a bit harder to find. Have fun out there!

12-14-2014, 08:17 PM
Anyone head up the dike this weekend and a conditions update? Thinking of giving it a shot tomorrow.

12-15-2014, 10:49 AM
There were a bunch of parties on it this weekend. Conditions sounded generally pretty good from what I hear.

12-17-2014, 07:01 PM
its pretty abused after the rock move. adds a bit of spice. P2 and 3 felt solid 4+ to me.