View Full Version : Huntington Ravine Conditions - 11/29/14

11-29-2014, 05:17 PM
Early morning solo mission into Huntington today.

Pinnacle is thin down low but looks very doable. Opted not to do it when I couldn't tell if there was a geyser shooting out about 2/3 of the way up for if it was the snow blowing in the wind. Hopefully someone went up there and found it to be the latter.

Climbed Odell's Right... good ice, but watch out for some major water dams. Odell's middle and left looked good.

Things across the Ravine looked climbable, though scrappy.

The approach up the Fan blows right now... so does the Alpine Garden... stupid snowboarders skiied off the good snow. Oh wait, nope, it was the wind... snow cover varies between 0 and Knee deep... and god only knows what's below that snow you're stepping down on (flat ground, hole, ankle-breaker... I found them all).

Tux Headwall looked like it had many possible lines. Probably som wallowing to be done between tiers, but good ice to reward the effort.

Microspikes definitely useful.

11-30-2014, 01:11 AM
The ice on Odell gully was decent. Two long pitches of ice, very hard and brittle ice. A couple of thin and hollow areas, but mostly pretty good. See pic:

https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10526124_10152526916389157_2589889030481288305_n.j pg?oh=c6a97c188d9b09c6ff534e820bd0abcb&oe=55023A33&__gda__=1427723557_1a551b7e23a7600b88622a0bd5629d0 e

Mr. Rogers
11-30-2014, 11:51 PM
Climbed North Gully on the 29th. Busy day in the Ravine. Saw parties on Odell's, Pinnacle Buttress, Pinnacle Gully, Yale (several), and one above us on North.

First pitch on North had an interesting move, the rest was mostly snow with a few small bulges.

http://www.iceclimbingphotos.com/data/508/thumbs/DSC00130.jpg (http://www.iceclimbingphotos.com/new-hampshire/p11502-pinnacle-11-2f29-2f14.html)

http://www.iceclimbingphotos.com/data/508/thumbs/DSC00093.jpg (http://www.iceclimbingphotos.com/new-hampshire/p11500-huntington-11-2f29-2f14.html)